• Nominal Voltage:1.5V~6V;
  • 8mm×10mm Square shape Precision Metal Miniature gearbox.
  • Appearance Dimensions:10mm diameter, 24mm body length;
  • Application:Model,Electric lock, Intelligent robot, Medical endoscope.

Geared Motor Technical Data

Rated voltage Reduction Ratio 1/100 1/250
3 Rated Torque(kg.cm) 0.095 0.2
Rated Speed(rpm) 125 50
L(mm) 9 9

Motor Specifications

Model Voltage No-load Rated Stall
Speed Current Speed Current Torque Output Current Torque
VDC rpm A rpm A g.cm W A g.cm
FF-M20NA-09120 3 16000 0.048 12500 0.167 1.84 0.24 0.583 8.24

Outline Drawing

10mm metal gear motor


The shaft dimensions and the motor specifications can be customised to meet the customer’s requirements.
This gearbox can be equipped with other types of micro dc motors to suit your different performance and dimension needs.