How to choose the right motor

The best way is: you send us your dimension and performance requirements, and we will evaluate it and offer the best recommendation. In this situation, please let us know the following basic performance:

1:Rated Voltage.

2:Rated speed and rated torque.

3:Motor using conditions: such as seconds/minutes on and seconds/minutes off, duty cycle or something similar.

4:will the motor be used in stall condition? this is a very important factor, if you have this condition, please make sure to let us know.

5:Any extremely high or low temperature requirements.

6:Any others special requirements, the more detailed the better.

If you would like choose from our web-catalog yourself, here are some directions that might be helpful for you:

The motor unit is selected according to the required output power. Depending on the required speed, a direct motor or a geared motor is selected.

High Speed requirements: when your speed is >1500rpm, please choose dc motor.

Low speed and medium high torque,please choose dc gear motor.

Low speed and high torque, Please choose planet gear motors.


Life time: DC Motor lifetime varies according to different use conditions and load, so different working condition will cause different lifetime for the same motor, please let us know your exact using condition, we will design the motor according to it.

The following factors will affect the motor lifetime, so if you use motor in such condition, please inform us, we can discuss over it and try to find a solution together.

use motor under bigger load than rated one
frequently start and stop
CW and CWW running transfer fast and frequently
use sudden big load, not constant load
long-time continuous running
force the shaft to anti the running direction
frequently use stall condition
use lower or higher voltage than rated one