Company Profile

Who We Are

RIC Motor Co., ltd is micro dc motor manufacturer in Shenzhen, China and founded in 2006.With over 10 years of experience,our team understands the unique require about micro dc motors  of our clientele,we can meet your demands in the most effective manner.

What Do We Do

RIC Motor specializes in the engineering, manufacturing and production of Micro dc motors and gearmotors, provide a full services from designing to producing motors. RIC mainly production : Gearmotors(diameter :6mm, 10mm,12mm,16mm,22mm,24mm,25mm,28mm,32mm,33mm,36mm,37mm,42mm,51mm) Coreless & Vibrating motors(diameter: 4mm ,6mm 7mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,13mm,16mm,22mm),DC Motors(Diameter 10mm~ 55mm) ,Brushless motor(diameter 10mm,12mm,13mm,17mm,20mm,22mm,24mm,25mm,28mm,30mm,32mm,35mm,36mm,40mm,42mm,45mm)

Our products are economical and high quailty with superior performance,which exported to many region,including US,Europe,Middle east and Asia-Pacific region.

What Do Our Motor Used For

Our motors are widely used in the following applications and industries: Robotics, Intelligent Sanitary Dispenser and cleaner, Locking and Safe, Electric Valve and Meter, Electric Curtain, Intelligent Cleaner, Automatic Cradle, Bank and Vending Automations, Medical Equipments and Apparatus, Beauty and Health Care, Solar Automation, etc. 

Company Culture

Business philosophy: Customer Oriented、Quality Focused、Technology Driven.
Mission and target: Providing reliable products assists ric customers achieve sustainable economic benefits.To be a famous international brand in the micro DC and geared motor industry.
Our Values:Professional、Focus、Enthusiasm、Responsibility、Cooperation、All Win.