Application: home appliances, Stage display lamp ,Lawn Light, Colorful rotating light, crystal magic ball lights, etc.

Geared Motor Specifications

Model Voltage No-load Rated Stall
Speed Current Speed Current Torque Output Current Torque
VDC rpm A rpm A g.cm W A g.cm
RIC-32GB2410-030010 3 10 0.04 8 0.09 800 0.065 0.3 4500
RIC-32GB2410-060012 6 12 0.04 9.6 0.16 1400 0.13 0.65 7000

Outline Drawing


Shaft dimension and Specifications(voltage,torque,speed,etc) can be customized according to customer requirements.
This gearbox can be equipped with other micro dc motors if you have different torque and dimension requirements.