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Company Profile

Shenzhen RIC MOTOR Co.,LTD specializes in the manufacturing and distributing of 

Micro DC motors and gear motors.

RIC mainly produce

-Planetary geared motor(Diameter: 16mm 22mm 24mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 36mm 38mm 42mm 57mm)

-Spur Geared motor(Diameter: 10mm 12mm 13mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 32mm 33mm 37mm 38mm 51mm)

-DC brushed motor(Diamter:12mm ~ 90mm)

-Coreless motor(diameter:4mm~16mm)

-Coin motor( 08×20, 08×34,  10×20, 12×34, 10×34, 10×27)

Our motors are widely used in medical equipment, home appliances,

personal care products,intelligent system and other automation products.

With a large team of engineers working on R&D and QC,we works day

in and day out on developing high quality motor according to customer

requirements.We introduce up-to-date manufacturing and inspection facility, which

implements modern management to guarantee superiority and stability on quality.

Our products are economical and high quailty with superior performance,which exported to many

region,including US,Europe,Middle east and Asia-Pacific region.

From the establishment of the company, we focus on enterprise culture establishment.

In the purpose of RIC business target, "Sincerity,Innovation,Self-transcendence, customer

Satisfaction"as the guideline.